“What are systems?” I had the same question when I first started my business. That question led me down a path that would transform my business and my life. Implementing systems accelerated my business to $6.5 million in just two years. Systems made me a healthier, happier person as well. This is why I feel obligated to teach other entrepreneurs about systems and empower them to scale their businesses. Everyone should have the tools to design the business and life they want.

So what are systems?

Systems are the secret to what makes some entrepreneurs successful while others fail.

Systems separate high achievers from average achievers.

Systems allow top athletes to rise above the rest.

But many people overthink and over complicate the word “Systems.”

Systems can be used by anyone to enhance their lives.

Systems are simple.

According to Google, a system is a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole. Or a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.

The easier way to think of a system is anything that creates a consistent, duplicatable, and repeatable result. And a good system gives you an intended result every time.

A system can be as complicated as the manufacturing process for a rocket ship or as simple as the cooking instructions for making a cake. Both, when followed, gives you a consistent, duplicatable, and repeatable result.

The three main systems that entrepreneurs use are,

Processes (abc steps, checklists)
Information (Trainings, data tracking sheets)
Templates (scripts, cut and pastes)
All three categories create consistent, duplicatable, and repeatable results in their own way.

Okay, so now you know what systems are. But who cares? Why is this so important?

Because systems can literally make or break your business. They can be the difference between a fulfilled and happy life or an empty, unfulfilled one.

Using systems in our personal life and business will allow us to achieve what we want to achieve in a calculated way. It removes guesswork and makes the path much easier. If you don’t get the result you want, simply adjust your system and record the results from that adjustment.

Creating systems in your business means you can delegate more tasks which frees you up to focus on what you are uniquely great at. Systems in your business also make your business run smoother, which results in happier customers, a more energetic work force, and a less stressed you. This all obviously results in one thing: MASSIVE GROWTH.

Systems aren’t just reserved for your business. You can implement them into your personal life and see the same results. Systems in your personal life reduce time spent on monotonous tasks, increase the amount of time you spend with your family, and dramatically increase your health. The best part is that all of these results can happen without extra stress or guilt. Creating systems in your personal life is not just great for you, it’s great for your family and your business as you will be more present and able to give your all to both.

Systems not only allow you to grow your business massively, they also allow you to stay healthy and happy in the process.

Pilots use systems to make flying planes safer. Surgeons use systems to save more lives. Real estate developers use systems to build sky scrapers.

The top businesses you know all use systems to massively scale.

Almost every successful person you can think of has used systems to get to where they are.

Systems are not just suggested, they are absolutely vital if you want to actually live the life you envision and grow the business you want.

So go out there and start creating systems. Start building the life and business you want by building systems.



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