After finishing up some organization and systems work for a client of mine – let’s call him Arthur – I asked him what were the most valuable outcomes of the work I did for him.


Arthur’s answer was surprising. We had removed four tasks off of his plate that he hated doing and saved him hours of work, and more importantly lots of mental energy.  Specifically, two tasks that were sucking a lot of energy were handling invoices and dealing with the paperwork to onboard and offboard clients. There was a literal shift in mood and energy when he realized these tasks were now off his plate. We had even trained Arthur’s assistant to create processes and systemize parts of his business for him.

But what he found the most valuable was organizing his documents into one clean, concise location.


I was astonished.  


We had systemized and delegated some key components of Arthur’s business, freed up a lot of his time, and allowed him to focus more time on creation and growth…and the thing he was most excited about was that he and his team had  all their documents organized and easy to access.

Upon deeper questioning I realized that this is actually a big deal for Arthur and his team.  It’s actually a needle mover.

To no longer have chaotic, scattered documents, really took a lot of unnecessary stress off his plate.  Arthur no longer has to scramble to find documents right before calls with clients. Cumulatively, that saves him a massive amount of time.


His team doesn’t ask him where to find ‘this script’ or ‘that template’ or ‘this login password’ or ‘that PDF’. 

Arthur doesn’t have to stare down dozens of different folders containing documents from the past 4 years of business.  


Nor does he have to click through emails to find PDFs he never saved, go through “My Documents” to hunt down Word documents, and figure out whether this is the newest version of his marketing piece or if that’s hidden in some other folder.


Here’s what I did specifically:

I built Arthur what’s called a Playbook.  It’s the ultimate way to organize all of your company’s documents into one location (ending the Google Drive chaos for good), delegate recurring tasks, and  onboard new team members seamlessly.


This is one of the simple things that we do for clients that always takes a thousand pounds of stress off their backs…not to mention dozens of hours each month for clients and their teams.


At Elevate, we clean up their Google Drive documents.  We upload them into an organized Playbook. This is a win on its own – a win that can immediately save time and money for the business owner and his/her team members.


And it catalyzes other wins that lead to lower stress, higher profit, more enjoyable company that is built to last.


Be like Arthur, who can now find every document in his business before you can count to 5.  


Be like Arthur, who no longer has team members scrambling to find documents.


Be like Arthur who has an empowered team that can find everything they need with minimal effort and encouraging them to perform more independently than ever before.

P.s. If you want tasks off your plate, but have no interest in applying the above, feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss if it is a good fit to work together.

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