I removed a time-sucking task off my plate.

And I did it in a week.

Reaching out to podcasters to schedule interviews.

I was spending 15 hours per week on this task to scrape podcasts, qualify them, personalize reach outs, handle follow ups, schedule times, and communicate with our team.

I created a killer process for myself, that cut my time down to 2-4 hours per week.

Then I took it a step further and removed it from my plate.

Our executive assistant, who crushes reach outs, task completion, and communication, took over the process in full. 

I stepped out of the task 100%.

And the results have gone up.  More podcasts scheduled; zero of my time spent.

More importantly, zero of my energy expended on a task outside of my genius zone.

This is one example of cleaning tasks I really just don’t enjoy off my plate completely.

I literally got back 15 hours per week from delegating one task.

15 hours a week = 780 hours a year = 32.5 days. 

That’s a whole freaking month back…

By removing a task off my plate.

This gave me so much more time and freedom to reinvest into better serving clients,

And to reinvest into the future of the company.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. I created an in depth, step-by-step process from beginning to end on how to get booked on podcasts.  This process has links included with email scripts, follow up scripts, and it has notes to allow our assistant to make decisions with the right background info
  2. We trained our assistant on how to create and update processes, so that she can update this and other processes.  She can add and remove steps and change scripts based on responses and results. This is key since she is the one executing on the process
  3. Then my team and I put all of the documents our company had into one clean, organized, concise place, called the Playbook.  The Playbook houses everything that our company will use more than once – processes, templates, scripts, information sheets, client resources, etc.
  4. I lock in on high-level activities that are focused directly in my zone of genius.  This creates better results for our team and for our clients


A close friend of mine brought me in to remove some tasks from his that he just hated doing.

There were a few tasks that were draining to him.  He was getting stressed just thinking about those tasks.

He didn’t even know exactly why, but invoicing and client onboarding & offboarding emails were painful and energy sucking for him to do.  

I could hear in his voice how much he hated doing these things.  They didn’t fit with his personality and they didn’t get him excited.  They did the opposite, they pissed him off, stressed him out, and stole his attention from what he really needed to be doing.We got both off of his plate in 3 weeks.  And the best part – his newly hired assistant created the processes for both.

He simply sent her quick (under 2 minute) screenshare videos of the process.

I trained her on how to create processes.

Then she created those 3 processes and took over the execution of each immediately.

He doesn’t even have to think about those tasks anymore.

Stress gone.  Tasks gone. Time back.  And energy back to reinvest into serving his clients and doing what he does best.

A lot of people talk about delegating and how important it is

Very few people actually delegate.

When people talk about delegating they speak in the future tense.

They discuss tasks they’d like to delegate.  Things they wish they could delegate

Delegation is not just about being a skilled leaders and finding the right people to put in place.

Both of those things are extremely important.  

But when it comes to top-notch delegation, they fall short when they stand alone.

Writing out a process, training a key implementer (like an assistant or ops manager) to create and improve processes, and organizing your company’s documents are crucial.

This decreases time spent outside of your genius zone, decreases unnecessary questions being asked repeatedly, and gives everyone on the team more autonomy to thrive in their roles.

Delegation doesn’t have to be hard.

I hope this helps.



P.s. If you want tasks off your plate, but have no interest in applying the above, feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss if it is a good fit to work together.

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